Experiencing History: A Historical Interpretation of Violence, guest post by Matthew Wood

Normalerweise sehe ich vom Rebloggen ab, aber diesen Artikel lohnt es sich zu lesen.

Lauren Johnson

A real treat for you all on this day of ritual shin-kicking in certain parts of the country. Pretty much an actual Renaissance Man, Matthew Wood (Writer, Director, Stage Combat Performer and Team Leader for Past Pleasures Ltd  at the Tower of London) has spent years practicing martial arts and reconstructing historical fights at heritage sites. How do you go about recreating a long-dead artform when there’s no dojo for jousting…?

Within my work at the Tower of London, and other historic sites around the country, I am involved in bringing to life people of past historic eras so that our modern day visitors are given a window into these bygone worlds. More than that, by interacting with these walking, talking incarnations of history our visitors are able to get some sense of what it must have been like to live in that age. They can imagine much more tangibly the…

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